Hi! My name is Michael Angerer and I am an Engineer.

I have a master’s degree in Mechatronics from the Technical University of Munich. In my studies, I focused on software development for embedded real-time systems.

I gained valuable professional work experience working in various jobs in the automotive industry. One of my first jobs was a software developer position for production plant automation. I learned how to bring complex machines to life using code - an invaluable experience. After that, I worked in a company making hardware-in-the-loop simulations for electronic control units (ECUs) used for autonomous driving.

Currently, I work for a company responsible for board system network verification. Cars are among the most complex machines imaginable: They contain dozens of different controllers, depending on each other with strict time requirements. The expertise I gained working on these complex systems (and studying them) helps me to create better, more secure, and reliable products.

On this website, I write about my passion projects: I like to work with microcontrollers (ESP32, Raspberry Pi Pico, Arduino, Nordic nRF52) and share project ideas with you. Most blog posts you will find here on this website will be about software development for embedded systems (C/C++, MicroPython, ESP IDF, Zephyr). Sometimes, I will take you on a journey to design custom PCBs or other hardware together. If I am bored of embedded systems, I like to work on my Apps (mostly Flutter).

In my freetime I like to go hiking, traveling, and cooking.

If you would like to reach out to me, do not hesitate and contact me!